Professional Point of View on Sustainability

During my last semester at BCIT, I had the opportunity of receiving guidance for my Capstone project from industry professional Rosa Catacora. I’d like to share with you my interview with her.


1. What is your role at light house sustainable building centre?
Officially I am a project coordinator, however, I am training for Project Manager.

2. What does being sustainable mean to you?
Is not just a trend, it’s the right thing to do, to design, to orientate our lifestyle

3. What type of projects do you typically work on?
I work with commercial, residential, warehouse, office fit-out projects

4. Are there any new and innovative sustainable technology that is becoming widely used in projects here in Vancouver? Or in the world?
We are pushing hard for the incorporation of health and wellbeing strategies. Now we see more design team incorporation those strategies.

5. At a smaller scale, what can people do to make their homes greener and energy efficient?
First of all, to understand that sustainability is not more expensive or too much work. Secondly, start to upgrade lighting fixtures and appliances which will mean a reduction in the electricity bills. the incorporation of nature of natural materials as wood will help to create regenerative spaces that help to reduce stress and have healing results.


Hope this was interesting.

Happy Living!






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