Micro Homes: Sometimes Small is Better

As we are starting to feel the effects of overpopulation, rising house costs, environmental deterioration, and over-use of energy in bigger homes, small is actually the better way to go. The best thing about a micro home is that it maximizes space through multi-functional pieces. These transformative homes will wow you in how much they can fit and do. Another benefit to micro homes is that there is less space to maintain and clean, it is also less expensive to build or renovate than a larger home.

Many people prefer spacious luxurious homes, but let me show you how small can also be beautiful, functional, unique, and totally livable.

Here are two examples!

Name: Small Home Smart Home
Location: Hong Kong
Size: 309 sqft apartment
Designed by: LAAB Architects

Special Features: Large Kitchen, Gym, Cinema, and a Large bathtub



For more details and photos, visit the full article: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/laab-architects-small-home-smart-home-hong-kong-flexible-interiors-04-26-2016/


Lego Style Apartment
Location: Barcelona
Size: 258 sqft
Designed by: Barbara Appolloni



For more details and photos, visit the full article here:

Let me know in the comments what you think! Like this post if you would live in a micro home 🙂

Happy Living!





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